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I Just want you to know that a difference Travel Is Fun has made in my life. This 87 year old widow with limited driving. I tell my friends!!!

- Joy C.

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Specializing in Daytrips and overnight trips up to 21 days, Travel Is Fun is a trusted name in the Deluxe Motor-Coach vacation and touring community. From Dinner Theaters, Casinos, Shopping and fine dining daytrips to touring the great sights of North America - all the way to Alaska - Travel Is Fun is your friend that will get you there and back!


The Next Lunch Bunch Thu,  OCT 20th, 2022 at Back Porch/Red Barn in Lake Alfred!!!

Lunch  Choices will be made by filling in the menu on the ride over, the menu can be viewed below:

(Click here for the Back Porch Menu)

Includes: Coffee, Iced Tea, Soft Drinks Multiple desserts, tax & server tip.

Does not include driver or escort tip